Remind Her

Remind her of a mind called peace.

Fill her with thoughts of not just an angel, but an angel that is her and can fiercelessly fly high to any sky.

Wisp your fingers down her back and whisper words of love into that sweet smell of perfume in her hair.

Challenge her successes and push her out to the open field of judgment.

Commend the bravery she wears so passionately over her breasts. Failure is nothing short but an alternate route to her cloud.

” A warrior, that is you. “

Open her head and fall into her mind. It’s wider than ours combined.

Remind her of the passion that lies so bright inside it burn your eyes.

Weekly Words of Resilience

There’s no such thing as self doubt. You just have a bad habit of doubting yourself.

Take this week to admire your strengths.

You bring uniqueness to any table you sit at. That is the power of you.

Take next week to admire your flaws.

You have no idea the light inside that outshines the rest.

Reflect on the reasons you convinced yourself to not take a path you wanted.

Was it worth it? How many more reasons will you justify until you finally reach your full bloom?

I find myself thinking negatively about certain situations in my life when I’m alone in the car with nothing but silent wheels.

I realize there’s no music playing and I allowed my thoughts to go to that dark place.


Address those stressful events by how you will overcome them just like you have overcame everything else to get to the point you are at now.

Pinpoint the doubt and address your strategy every time.

When you realize life will always come with a plan, resilience takes over doubt.

You are powerful through your actions.

Take full control.

Cherish your creativity and start somewhere. xo