Silk panties with a twist of nightmare

Preference on underwear could be based solely on the design, the occasion or because it fits your body just right over your waist. While it’s fun to hunt during the Victoria’s Secret 7 for $27 underwear deal, you need to keep in mind while shopping the type of fabric and pressure you may be applying to your vagina.

This is imperative to the health and happiness of your womanly parts. How can you possibly keep your vagina from becoming your worst, ex-best friend?

Silk underwear in any form like bikini style, thong or hipster style can suffocate your vagina from breathing, in other words clogging the moisture from leaving your vagina throughout the day.

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An article written by The Huffington Post featured woman’s expert and medical doctor, Donnica Moore, M.D., to speak about the common mistakes women typically aren’t aware of while choosing their underwear.

“Silk and synthetic fabrics are not breathable, which increases the risk of moisture being trapped and retained, which can create a yeast or bacterial infection,” concludes Dr. Moore.

The logic behind this doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Naturally, our womanly part is an average 3-4 inch hole facing down. It’s completely normal to have discharge throughout the day, in fact, it might be what’s healthiest to keep old discharge from growing in your vagina for days.

With discharge being a healthy and natural form of washing your vagina out, silk underwear can prevent old discharge from even leaving. Silk is compromised of a dense fabric restricting anything past its barrier, keeping bacteria smothered circling your vagina bound for an infection. Fungus is a natural supplement in our body that stays dormant and unnoticeable until it starts overgrowing from a large amount of moisture created by things like dense silk.

Common side effects of a yeast infection according to Planned Parenthood medical advisors are itching, burning sensations while you pee, redness and in extreme cases, sores that grow around the skin of the vagina.

Not to mention with dense fabric like silk, it can be pressed tightly around your skin cutting off circulation and increase the chances of irritation due to friction. Picking your vedgie (vagina-wedgie) can be an awkward scene in public when the irritation turns in to a stinging sensation. Avoid those situations by wearing comfortable and breathable underwear!

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To prevent silk from ruining your private party, shop for underwear that holds a cotton liner underneath the vaginal area. Yes, you can wear silk panties as long as there is a cotton liner but keep in mind the most important part to protect is the circulation of moisture flowing in and out. Even if you think your cotton liner is wrapped too tight, take it off and try a size bigger.

Alexander Chiang, assistant clinical professor at UCLA specializing in gynecology reveals to Self Health online, “Generally, cotton underwear is recommended since it has a natural moisture wicking and drying effect. And it’s cheap.”

Do your research. A pair of lace V-string panties from Victoria’s Secret can cost you up to $16.50 while Fruit of the Loom, a clothing company specifically in the manufacturing of underwear, offers six microfiber and cotton panties for just $12 that you can purchase online or at your local Walmart.

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Good news, you don’t have to throw away all the sexy, silky lingerie you may have stored in your closet for those special occasions. Wearing silk underwear every once in awhile hasn’t been proven to be a bad thing either, moderation is key.

So go ahead and strut your stuff in those panties you decided to treat youself with. A healthy body is a happy mind, and a vagina being put through misery can be the definition of an internal nightmare. Let yourself breathe inside and out!

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