Jasmine Urioste : Makeup Artist

Since Jasmine was four years old competing on her local gymnastics team, she dove head first into the makeup world and hasn’t looked back.


“I love everything about makeup. During my down time, I would practice for HOURS on myself, my sister, mom, and friends. After I graduated high school, I had people asking me for advice on prom, homecoming, and senior portrait makeup. So I took it upon myself to start my own makeup social media and build my brand,” Jasmine said.

Jasmine soon realized her destiny involved makeup and empowering others.

“What’s your favorite part of your career?”

“I get to do what I love every single day. From a young age, I never wanted to dread going to work or coming home from my miserable job…I never feel like I’m working.”


IMG_6661 (1)

Miss Jasmine is a graduate from Paul Mitchell The School Woodbridge, VA. Becoming certified from a well-known school has given her a marketable edge in business.

Check out her YouTube Channel!  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3cLF4GgaI1j7kYKBvkM4hQ

IMG_1583 (1)

IMG_1586 (1)

Her availability in the Woodbridge, VA area is mainly flexible and available. Miss Jasmine said moving into the Spring weather means a lot of bridal makeup on her plate. (Hint Hint for anyone looking!)

“I also work as a lead makeup artist for Amazing Occasions, a hair and makeup studio in Manassas, Va.”

Miss Jasmine also informed me of receiving one of the first Kylie Jenner Lip Kits as a present from her boyfriend. Which sold out UNDER 1 MINUTE. It gets crazier! A couple days later after trying them on and snapping a few pictures for Instagram, Jasmine’s picture was featured on Kylie Cosmetic’s Instagram page in 2015! “I’m still in complete shock. I always got my inspiration for beauty and fashion from her,” Jasmine said.

FullSizeRender (1)



Follow her on Instagram @21lashes to see more of her work and check her availability!

It is without a doubt Jasmine has been slaying the game. Not only is she sweet and ambitious, but her professionalism has WOW’ed me.

Good luck Miss Jasmine! Xoxo



4 thoughts on “Jasmine Urioste : Makeup Artist”

  1. Very Proud of All that you have accomplished at a yping age. You have followed your dreams and never looked back at regret. I am a proud father to know my baby is passionate about her career! I love you with all my heart!



    1. I am just now realizing that there could be comments on here! Thank you so much Daddy❤️ I love you so much and am so lucky to have you support me, encourage me, and believe in me and my passion. I have learned so much from you about accomplishing goals and dreams and to never be comfortable even when you reach a level of success, always strive for greater.
      I love you with all my heart too❤️


  2. Jasmine we are so proud of you! You have an incredible talent and we are so glad you are able to do what you love. You always do an amazing job. We wish you much success as your career sky rockets! Love you!

    Ms Paula and Mr James


    1. Thank you so much ❤️ I am so lucky to have such an amazing and supportive second family! Love you both so much!!😘


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