Get ready for long, strong hair

Growing long, strong hair is a vital part of health and appearance, so it’s important to keep up with and maintain your luscious locks. If you’re currently on “Team Short Hair, Don’t Care” but feel inspired to try something new, the growing out phase is harder and much more time-consuming than it seems.

Some top salon professionals will tell you it could take years to see improvement and you might as well come back for a trim every few weeks. Don’t buy into these money-grabbing gimmicks. There are so many at-home remedies and commercial products that can actually expedite the process.Picture1.png

I have three tips that will help to moisturize and soothe the scalp, the most important part of the process. Go ahead and get the last salon trim out of the way for a smoother appearance if you have dead ends, but be prepared to shift your focus from the actual hair to your scalp as you start the new process.

My first tip is pretty universal: stop over-washing your hair! Not only does it dry hair out, but also causes your hair to stop producing its natural oils. Not to mention,daily washers who routinely color their hair could kill the growth development of their hair through the toxins in the hair-dye. Chemicals in your shampoo can also clog your pores. Bottom line, give your hair a rest and let it breathe.

The next tip may seem irrelevant to hair, but trust me; water will moisturize your scalp, giving back the oils it needs while eating fruits and vegetables will bring back all the sugars, fibers and keratin your body already makes for you. Your body works as one, so if you nourish it right, your body will give you back the rewards. Just like drinking water and eating right helps your skin, your scalp is actually the same concept. If your scalp and skin coincide together as a team, why not go twice as hard on those healthy measures?

Finally, I recommend a product that has worked wonders on my hair ever since I started to grow it out again: “It’s a 10” miracle leave-in. Right after the shower, you lather it all over your hair. It claims to do everything from acting as a heat protectant to improved silky, frizz-free hair. More importantly, this miracle leave-in incorporates keratin, the most fundamental protein in your hair for growth.

Keratin is a natural fibrous protein produced by your scalp and a huge reason why growing out hair is so difficult. Without enough keratin, your hair won’t grow. This creamy product sells for $18 at Walmart for a 10 fl.oz. bottle, which will probably last for months if you follow my first tip.

After trying this product for a few months, my silky hair managed to grow from my shoulders to below my collar bone. I can’t say this product is the only reason, but, logistically speaking, if your hair lacks this natural protein or if you want to quicken your hair growth, why not add more keratin? If you gently lather the product into your scalp, you can actually feel the crown of your head become smoother.

Growing hair down to your butt won’t happen overnight, but these tips can help your scalp produce stronger and more voluminous hair that will add to the length. Start out with a clean eating regimen and your hair will thank you later!

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