Best shaping method for your eyebrows

When it comes to beauty, we all pay a certain price. In the realm of eyebrows, if they’re on fleek then your life is as well. In the past two years, the allusion of perfect, thick eyebrows skyrocketed after Victoria’s Secret model, Cara Delevingne, strutted the runway without a care in the world over her bushy brows. As social media ran its course, men and women have been aiming for that sharp, arched brow.

In the beauty business, there are two major methods of grooming brows, tweezing and waxing. But how do you know which one is better for your specific skin type or better yet, your type of brow? We got all the answers you need right here.

Tweezing has been the most familiar for years now. Usually men and women lean toward it when it comes down to a quick, out of the house in a minute grooming session. According to, tweezing should only be to touch-up and never to completely change the arch of your brow. Unfortunately, many of us are still paying the price from over plucking years ago with some hairs that never grew back.


“I tweeze my eyebrows once a week. It costs less, I can’t afford to go out every week and pay for something I could simply do in my room free of cost” urged freshmen at Longwood, Natalie Cox. Experts at Sephora advise customers if you have sensitive skin or are prone to break-outs, tweezing is most likely your best bet. Adding Vaseline to freshly tweezed brows will heal any damage done to the brow area.

Another method that has been on the rise lately is waxing. For this method, it is often encouraged to get it done by a trained stylist due to the hot wax and the quick, abrupt removal. Men and women lean toward waxing when a special occasion is coming up and their brows need to be polished and clean of all unwanted hair.

Madison Carmack, a freshmen at Longwood, claims she only waxes once a month. “It’s way easier and quicker. They rip it off all at once instead of plucking one by one”.

Carmack added that she also tweezes during the month just to keep up with the work from the prior waxing. After that, it’s back to the salon! An advantage with waxing is because of its long lasting effects, this will allow time for the hair follicles to heal for the next waxing, but be mindful to allow yourself at least three days prior to a big event to let the skin underneath your fresh, new brows heal back!

For those contemplating a new look for your brows or just simply a touch-up, consider the options and weigh the cons. Waxing and tweezing have different effects on skin types and most importantly, the look you are trying to achieve. By giving you an inside look and opinions on both methods, which one do you prefer? Try it out for yourself!

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