5 Tips to fight off menstrual cramps

Ever feel like there are a few ninjas in your uterus fighting around for a few days? That my ladies, is what we call menstrual cramps. But say no more, I have gathered some insight and a few helpful tricks to kick those ninjas out of your life and as far away from your uterus as possible.

Before I jump into the tricks which I’m sure is what you’re yearning for, let’s take a look into why cramps happen to be a part of our menstrual cycle. Although there is not a proven, in-depth reason why or how cramps begin to form, many have studied and found that menstrual cramps are produced by prostaglandins – a chemical compound in your uterus that causes itself to contract. As your uterus is contracting, you may experience the painful sensation of cramps that last for up to a few days. Now, let’s dive into the 5 tricks I’ve put together to combat this.


  1. Hot baths – A trick some athletes do after a long day is taking a hot bath to relieve their muscles. Who’s to say menstrual cramps aren’t the same? Hot baths will relieve all muscular tension and studies show that it will also mentally relax you. So grab a book and light some candles, the usual bath routine.
  2. Water and herbal tea – Stay away from caffeine! The most natural remedy to fight back cramps is to give back what your body needs. Both of these remedies will prevent bloating from occurring and increase the blood flow reducing the amount of cramps you get. Still not a fan of water? Tea comes in different flavors, try it out!
  3. Exercise – Exercising a few days before your period will unfortunately do nothing for you. The main point is to consistently exercise throughout the month and lead into your cycle with healthy endorphins already prepared to fight back pain from cramps. Even for 30 minutes a day, studies infer that just by walking can be a healthy fit for exercise and prevent cramps.
  4. Daily dose of Vitamin D –By drinking or eating substances that contain vitamin D, this particular nutrient will reduce prostaglandins and prevent inflammation from producing. Certain foods with vitamin D are oranges, fish, and yogurt! But don’t let that stop you there; keep a clean diet throughout the month to avoid stuffing your face with vitamin D the day before your cycle starts.
  5. Pads vs Tampons – There has been no study to prove this but from my personal experience I’ve had more tolerable cycles with pads when it comes to cramps. There have been theories that tampons will actually block the flow of blood from the uterus and cause the muscles to work harder and end up straining themselves. For my tampon users out there, if you can attest to this then maybe consider making the switch to pads!

Disclaimer: I understand every woman’s body is different and these tips may not work on everyone. But to be informed about your body and learn tricks for a healthy lifestyle is essential to feeling confident and having you one step closer to a happy menstrual cycle. Be open about the topic and try-out one of these tricks!

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