MAC Cosmetics will be available at Ulta Beauty this Spring 2017

If you know anything about MAC Cosmetics, you know this world-famous brand has been around for decades since 1984. It’s been around longer than I have, and it was actually one of the first makeup products I bought as a little girl following in my mom’s footsteps.

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MAC built its brand off of exclusivity, meaning if you ever shopped at a MAC Cosmetics store, the only brand you can purchase is MAC itself. Which also had a high demand because let’s be honest, MAC has everything you could hope for in a beauty basket.

By huge surprise, MAC Cosmetics is joining the wave of other brands this Spring and coming to Ulta Beauty, a chain of beauty stores carrying both high- and low-end cosmetics for men and women.

Although everyone is cheering and getting their paychecks ready to splurge, I can’t help but wonder why is it that a makeup brand as prestigious and store exclusive as MAC Cosmetics is joining this cosmetics chain. I am not for one bit saying MAC is a dead-beat cosmetics line, but I have noticed a significant increase in other makeup brands and advertisements for them. So my question is, is MAC Cosmetics falling behind on this beauty phenomenon we are having now?

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Well first, MAC Cosmetics is one of the only companies still standing tall since the 1980s. Many have dropped or gone bankrupt like King Cosmetics, mainly because some brands don’t follow trends. I don’t mean seasonal trends, I mean following the artistry trends as years go on.

Second, it’s important to know that MAC Cosmetics is actually a child company of Estee Lauder. Did I just blow your mind? Estee Lauder is actually the parent of brands like Clinique, Aveda and DKNY.

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

But let’s talk numbers. The net worth of Estee Lauder as of 2017, reported by Forbes, is set to be $10.6 billion, and this is also a family-run company so they distribute the wealth. According to Fast Company, a website giving annual reports on brands, MAC Cosmetics alone holds a net worth of $6.3 billion, a little over half of the money for the entire company of Estee Lauder.

So what does this mean? 

I think this is the start of the beauty business booming. Estee Lauder can’t afford to lose such a wealthy business like MAC. If all brands are suddenly being put into beauty trade stores like Ulta beauty and Sephora, Estee Lauder needs to grab a surfboard and follow the wave.

This is no longer a one-shot deal of manufacturing the product and simply selling it. Now we have huge trade stores like Ulta Beauty being that middle man, getting profit in return.

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Although this may not be ideal to some brands, this is the future of the beauty business. All the beauty products you could think of conveniently in one place, who’s the genius behind this?

Huge props to Estee Lauder company for noticing this huge transition in time and getting it settled before it’s too late. As far as I can see it, MAC Cosmetics will be slaying the beauty business for the next coming decades. They’re here to stay and joining an Ulta near you this coming spring!


Avri Mae : Makeup Artist & Esthetician

Following in the footsteps of her mother as a young girl, Miss Avri Mae has traveled along the East Coast to provide clients a magical, self-loving experience of a lifetime.

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Licensed Makeup Artist & Esthetician, Miss Avri Mae

Competing in the field of cheerleading for five years prepared her for one-on-one makeup application on others (in a timely manner) and some extra dazzling secrets/tips to be seen from afar. Little did she know this passion for show makeup would soon open doors for an industry that is sky rocketing as we speak.

“I didn’t actually realize how much I loved esthetics and how important of an organ our skin was until I started my program at Boca Beauty Academy,” Avri said.

Boca Beauty Academy lies in the city of Boca Raton, the beautiful sunshine state we all know as Florida. This academy is also ranked #1 in cosmetology programs in FL, assessed by Cosmetology-License Company. Both professional and respectable!

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“How did Boca Beauty Academy help you gain expertise in this booming industry?”

“I had an amazing teacher who worked under some of the best estheticians and plastic surgeons in Boca Raton and Miami – two of the top plastic surgery capitals in the world. Because of this, the standard of my education was held very high and I learned so much,” Avri explained.


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Miss Avri Mae is available Monday through Saturday in the Leesburg, VA area. Give her a call at (571)-286-7921 or email at to discuss potential openings and scheduling.



Follow her on Instagram to keep up with her latest looks! /

Not only is this special commitment for beauty and self-love seen within herself, but also in the lives of clients who now feel their best and look their best by the magic touch of Miss Avri Mae.

Congrats! Xoxo


Penelope’s Boutique in Farmville, VA.

Right in the heart of Virginia lies Penelope’s Boutique, a jeweler and clothes store. It’s located right on Main street next to Uptown Café anytime you’re down to shop after some nice, hot coffee. Manager at Penelope’s, Amy Welch said, “We’re only in Virginia and we currently have nine stores all spread out through the state.”


Penelope’s Boutique was founded in 1988 by Penelope Searcy herself in Lynchburg, VA and is now run as a family business. Farmville just celebrated their 29th year of having Penelope’s Boutique a part of their town.

Welch said, “We specialize in gifts pretty much for whoever you need to shop for. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can get it for you as well.”


Walking into Penelope’s, I was blown away by the amount of accessories they had. They had multiple racks filled with necklaces, scarfs, wallets and plenty more! The whole store was organized by color scheme which made it that more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

All along the walls were hangers and shelfs filled with casual and sports clothing. Around the center of the store had a clearance rack (smart shopping never hurt anyone) and a foot-wear display which they also sell the popular shoe brand, TOM’s.


Towards the back of the store were display windows that kept all expensive jewelry like sterling silver, etc. If you’ve ever walked into Kay Jewelers (every kiss begins with Kay), you’ll know the feel of how Penelope’s Boutique is.

Welch said, “Ever since we added jeweler brands like Pandora and Alex & Ani, we’ve been receiving more Longwood students. Most students usually stop at boutiques closer to Madison street, but we’ve got a lot here too.”


I must say, although I was walking around the store mesmerized at all the merchandise, it’s definitely not cheap. Let me put this into perspective. I walked towards the apparel clearance rack which had a sign at the top saying “50% off” and I thought to myself heck yeah! But looking at the tags, most of items stated “WAS $60.99, NOW $30.99” and I don’t know about you but that’s not really a sale or clearance item according to my wallet.

Welch said as a first-time customer, you’ll be asked for your name and email to start a clientele profile and receive weekly emails on hot deals and new products coming in. Hopefully these hot deals come sooner now as we approach Spring because as much as that store may hurt my wallet, I can’t resist. As we come closer to graduation, Penelope’s Boutique would be the perfect place to shop for gifts!


Penelope’s Boutique is opened from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day and is closed on Sundays. Go check it out and tell Amy I sent you!

Jasmine Urioste : Makeup Artist

Since Jasmine was four years old competing on her local gymnastics team, she dove head first into the makeup world and hasn’t looked back.


“I love everything about makeup. During my down time, I would practice for HOURS on myself, my sister, mom, and friends. After I graduated high school, I had people asking me for advice on prom, homecoming, and senior portrait makeup. So I took it upon myself to start my own makeup social media and build my brand,” Jasmine said.

Jasmine soon realized her destiny involved makeup and empowering others.

“What’s your favorite part of your career?”

“I get to do what I love every single day. From a young age, I never wanted to dread going to work or coming home from my miserable job…I never feel like I’m working.”


IMG_6661 (1)

Miss Jasmine is a graduate from Paul Mitchell The School Woodbridge, VA. Becoming certified from a well-known school has given her a marketable edge in business.

Check out her YouTube Channel!

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IMG_1586 (1)

Her availability in the Woodbridge, VA area is mainly flexible and available. Miss Jasmine said moving into the Spring weather means a lot of bridal makeup on her plate. (Hint Hint for anyone looking!)

“I also work as a lead makeup artist for Amazing Occasions, a hair and makeup studio in Manassas, Va.”

Miss Jasmine also informed me of receiving one of the first Kylie Jenner Lip Kits as a present from her boyfriend. Which sold out UNDER 1 MINUTE. It gets crazier! A couple days later after trying them on and snapping a few pictures for Instagram, Jasmine’s picture was featured on Kylie Cosmetic’s Instagram page in 2015! “I’m still in complete shock. I always got my inspiration for beauty and fashion from her,” Jasmine said.

FullSizeRender (1)



Follow her on Instagram @21lashes to see more of her work and check her availability!

It is without a doubt Jasmine has been slaying the game. Not only is she sweet and ambitious, but her professionalism has WOW’ed me.

Good luck Miss Jasmine! Xoxo



Taylor Lawler : Model

Welcome to the stage, Taylor Lawler!

After graduating from Barbizon Modeling and Acting School, Taylor is now a commercial and print model.


“I love being able to challenge myself and show off my creative ability through modeling,” Taylor said.

Not only does Taylor model, but she is also an author to THREE books! Beauty and brains!


Taylor added, “A fun fact about me is I’m also a champion Irish dancer. I actually came in third place in all of Ireland’s dance competition.” Way to stay fit!

Miss Taylor Lawler is available for shoots during the weekends, including Friday. She is able to work around the Richmond and Farmville, VA area.


Follow her on Instagram @ taylor_lawler

Strut your stuff, girl!



Samantha Schick : Hair Stylist

Samantha Schick is an aspiring hair guru currently studying at Paul Mitchell The School Tysons Corner in McLean, VA. Not only does she focus on hair but she is dedicated to all aspects of beauty such as makeup, skin care and therapeutic services.


Samantha is available for hair services Tuesday-Saturday at Paul Mitchell The School Tysons Corner in McLean, VA.

“A fun fact about me is I blowdry with my left hand so I started training myself to write with my left hand also,” Samantha said.





Being able to get to know people and put a smile on their face after the finished masterpiece is her favorite part about working in the beauty industry.

Miss Schick has had numerous incredible reviews by her clients and is expanding around her area, specializing in color.

It’s no secret she’s taking the power of color to a whole new level.



Follow Samantha on Instagram @ stylessbysamanthaa or give her a call at (703)-986-4182 to discuss what she can do for you!

Check out these transformations done by Samantha!

IMG_1543 (1)IMG_1539


Congrats Samantha on all your success so far! Xoxo

Rebecca Ligon : Hair Stylist

Rebecca Paige is a soon to be graduate from Chesterfield Technical Center and will be finishing cosmetology school in June! Rebecca is specializing in cut and color AND is also learning the magic of nails and waxing.

IMG_1553 (1)

Her favorite part about her career is having the power to make others feel and look beautiful! Rebecca said, “That’s what really makes me love what I’m doing and shows me that I chose the right path in my life.”

IMG_1551 (1)

Rebecca is a new team member of Design One Salon and Spa in Midlothian, VA. Starting in April, she will be working one-on-one with her clients on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. via request.

Check out her Facebook business page!

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Cool fact? Rebecca has a twin sister! They’re fraternal twins, she says they look nothing alike but are practically attached at the hip like bff’s.

Follow her on Instagram @ rebecca_paigee to see more of her work!

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Get ready for long, strong hair

Growing long, strong hair is a vital part of health and appearance, so it’s important to keep up with and maintain your luscious locks. If you’re currently on “Team Short Hair, Don’t Care” but feel inspired to try something new, the growing out phase is harder and much more time-consuming than it seems.

Some top salon professionals will tell you it could take years to see improvement and you might as well come back for a trim every few weeks. Don’t buy into these money-grabbing gimmicks. There are so many at-home remedies and commercial products that can actually expedite the process.Picture1.png

I have three tips that will help to moisturize and soothe the scalp, the most important part of the process. Go ahead and get the last salon trim out of the way for a smoother appearance if you have dead ends, but be prepared to shift your focus from the actual hair to your scalp as you start the new process.

My first tip is pretty universal: stop over-washing your hair! Not only does it dry hair out, but also causes your hair to stop producing its natural oils. Not to mention,daily washers who routinely color their hair could kill the growth development of their hair through the toxins in the hair-dye. Chemicals in your shampoo can also clog your pores. Bottom line, give your hair a rest and let it breathe.

The next tip may seem irrelevant to hair, but trust me; water will moisturize your scalp, giving back the oils it needs while eating fruits and vegetables will bring back all the sugars, fibers and keratin your body already makes for you. Your body works as one, so if you nourish it right, your body will give you back the rewards. Just like drinking water and eating right helps your skin, your scalp is actually the same concept. If your scalp and skin coincide together as a team, why not go twice as hard on those healthy measures?

Finally, I recommend a product that has worked wonders on my hair ever since I started to grow it out again: “It’s a 10” miracle leave-in. Right after the shower, you lather it all over your hair. It claims to do everything from acting as a heat protectant to improved silky, frizz-free hair. More importantly, this miracle leave-in incorporates keratin, the most fundamental protein in your hair for growth.

Keratin is a natural fibrous protein produced by your scalp and a huge reason why growing out hair is so difficult. Without enough keratin, your hair won’t grow. This creamy product sells for $18 at Walmart for a 10 fl.oz. bottle, which will probably last for months if you follow my first tip.

After trying this product for a few months, my silky hair managed to grow from my shoulders to below my collar bone. I can’t say this product is the only reason, but, logistically speaking, if your hair lacks this natural protein or if you want to quicken your hair growth, why not add more keratin? If you gently lather the product into your scalp, you can actually feel the crown of your head become smoother.

Growing hair down to your butt won’t happen overnight, but these tips can help your scalp produce stronger and more voluminous hair that will add to the length. Start out with a clean eating regimen and your hair will thank you later!

Best shaping method for your eyebrows

When it comes to beauty, we all pay a certain price. In the realm of eyebrows, if they’re on fleek then your life is as well. In the past two years, the allusion of perfect, thick eyebrows skyrocketed after Victoria’s Secret model, Cara Delevingne, strutted the runway without a care in the world over her bushy brows. As social media ran its course, men and women have been aiming for that sharp, arched brow.

In the beauty business, there are two major methods of grooming brows, tweezing and waxing. But how do you know which one is better for your specific skin type or better yet, your type of brow? We got all the answers you need right here.

Tweezing has been the most familiar for years now. Usually men and women lean toward it when it comes down to a quick, out of the house in a minute grooming session. According to, tweezing should only be to touch-up and never to completely change the arch of your brow. Unfortunately, many of us are still paying the price from over plucking years ago with some hairs that never grew back.


“I tweeze my eyebrows once a week. It costs less, I can’t afford to go out every week and pay for something I could simply do in my room free of cost” urged freshmen at Longwood, Natalie Cox. Experts at Sephora advise customers if you have sensitive skin or are prone to break-outs, tweezing is most likely your best bet. Adding Vaseline to freshly tweezed brows will heal any damage done to the brow area.

Another method that has been on the rise lately is waxing. For this method, it is often encouraged to get it done by a trained stylist due to the hot wax and the quick, abrupt removal. Men and women lean toward waxing when a special occasion is coming up and their brows need to be polished and clean of all unwanted hair.

Madison Carmack, a freshmen at Longwood, claims she only waxes once a month. “It’s way easier and quicker. They rip it off all at once instead of plucking one by one”.

Carmack added that she also tweezes during the month just to keep up with the work from the prior waxing. After that, it’s back to the salon! An advantage with waxing is because of its long lasting effects, this will allow time for the hair follicles to heal for the next waxing, but be mindful to allow yourself at least three days prior to a big event to let the skin underneath your fresh, new brows heal back!

For those contemplating a new look for your brows or just simply a touch-up, consider the options and weigh the cons. Waxing and tweezing have different effects on skin types and most importantly, the look you are trying to achieve. By giving you an inside look and opinions on both methods, which one do you prefer? Try it out for yourself!

5 Tips to fight off menstrual cramps

Ever feel like there are a few ninjas in your uterus fighting around for a few days? That my ladies, is what we call menstrual cramps. But say no more, I have gathered some insight and a few helpful tricks to kick those ninjas out of your life and as far away from your uterus as possible.

Before I jump into the tricks which I’m sure is what you’re yearning for, let’s take a look into why cramps happen to be a part of our menstrual cycle. Although there is not a proven, in-depth reason why or how cramps begin to form, many have studied and found that menstrual cramps are produced by prostaglandins – a chemical compound in your uterus that causes itself to contract. As your uterus is contracting, you may experience the painful sensation of cramps that last for up to a few days. Now, let’s dive into the 5 tricks I’ve put together to combat this.


  1. Hot baths – A trick some athletes do after a long day is taking a hot bath to relieve their muscles. Who’s to say menstrual cramps aren’t the same? Hot baths will relieve all muscular tension and studies show that it will also mentally relax you. So grab a book and light some candles, the usual bath routine.
  2. Water and herbal tea – Stay away from caffeine! The most natural remedy to fight back cramps is to give back what your body needs. Both of these remedies will prevent bloating from occurring and increase the blood flow reducing the amount of cramps you get. Still not a fan of water? Tea comes in different flavors, try it out!
  3. Exercise – Exercising a few days before your period will unfortunately do nothing for you. The main point is to consistently exercise throughout the month and lead into your cycle with healthy endorphins already prepared to fight back pain from cramps. Even for 30 minutes a day, studies infer that just by walking can be a healthy fit for exercise and prevent cramps.
  4. Daily dose of Vitamin D –By drinking or eating substances that contain vitamin D, this particular nutrient will reduce prostaglandins and prevent inflammation from producing. Certain foods with vitamin D are oranges, fish, and yogurt! But don’t let that stop you there; keep a clean diet throughout the month to avoid stuffing your face with vitamin D the day before your cycle starts.
  5. Pads vs Tampons – There has been no study to prove this but from my personal experience I’ve had more tolerable cycles with pads when it comes to cramps. There have been theories that tampons will actually block the flow of blood from the uterus and cause the muscles to work harder and end up straining themselves. For my tampon users out there, if you can attest to this then maybe consider making the switch to pads!

Disclaimer: I understand every woman’s body is different and these tips may not work on everyone. But to be informed about your body and learn tricks for a healthy lifestyle is essential to feeling confident and having you one step closer to a happy menstrual cycle. Be open about the topic and try-out one of these tricks!